Drugs to Avoid

There are many drugs that should not be taken if you diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis- more info can be found at www.myaware.org/drugs-to-avoid


Myasthenia gravis affects all races and can develop at any age from childhood to old age. Women are affected nearly three times more often than men during early adulthood (under 40 years of age). After 50 years of age, more...

Power Assistance

Excessive heat and Myasthenia do not go hand in hand. Having the cooler on increases power bills. Did you now that you may be eligible for assistance with your power bills. Known as the Medical cooling concession. There are some...

Myasthenia Gravis Conference

August 3rd 2019 is the date for the MG conference in sunny Brisbane. all welcome, for more info please contact- info@mgap.or.au

Dog Blood Donations

The University of Melbourne Vet clinic located in Werribee has a dog blood donation bank. You may ask what has this got to do with Myasthenia Gravis! Dogs get Myasthenia and require plasma just like humans. Your dog may be...

Myasthenia in Dogs

Myasthenia gravis is a disorder affecting our canine friends. It is caused by a breakdown of the transmission of impulses from the nerves to the muscles. This keeps the muscles from contracting, causing affected dogs to become weak—the number one...


Common symptoms can include: A drooping eyelid Blurred or double vision Slurred speech Difficulty chewing and swallowing Weakness in the arms and legs Chronic muscle fatigue Difficulty breathing

MG Crisis

MG Crisis- If you feel you are heading for a crisis and require an ambulance, Request a MICA ambulance- the crew on MICAS are more informed. If you have been treated previously at a hospital, you can request  that you...

Different types of Myasthenia Gravis- MG

The most common often referred to is “generalised myasthenia gravis.” Muscles throughout the body are affected to various degrees. Around 15% or MG suffers have whats called “ocular myasthenia gravis” where eye muscles are affected. MG is an autoimmune disease.